The Team is focused on making sure that our youth are successful at all levels of their education. We want young people receive the necessary support to graduate from high school and are supported to pursue post-secondary education.

Post-Secondary Studies:

You are on the right path by choosing post-secondary education. This is a smart decision that will set you up for success in an increasingly competitive job market and allow you to explore who you are as a person.

Are extracurricular activities important to you?

A well rounded education takes into account the need to offer extra-curricular activities like athletics, volunteering etc. Many employers today look to hire well-rounded employees.

How can you afford your education? There is access to hundreds of  bursaries/scholarships

Talk to your worker about bursaries offered by your CAS agency


If you are considering apprentice, college or university there are supports to help you on that journey. Be sure to have all your credits (please speak to your school guidance counselor) in regards to school credits.